Summer Volleyball 2014

The team fee is $325 ($375 after June 10th) with no cap in players or if you do not have a team your cost is just $45 and we’ll put you on a team.  The summer session of indoor volleyball plays on Tuesdays (A, BB divisions) and Wednesdays (B, CC divisions) from 6:30 to 10:00PM.

Registration ends June 1st, Season begins Tuesday June 10th for A and BB divisions and Wednesday, June 11th for B and CC divisions.


  • Where:  Center on Halsted

  • When:  Tuesday & Wednesday Nights 6:30-10PM

  • Divisions:  A & BB on Tuesdays – B & CC on Wednesdays

  • How Much:  $325 ($375 after June 10th) for Team OR $45 Individual Player Fee

  • How Long:  9 weeks of league, no playoffs.  No games July 1st and 2nd or August 12th and 13th.

  • Membership:  Must be an AAC Member ($25 Yearly)

Registration for Indoor Volleyball

Directions for Captains

Step One

Begin by clicking on “Player Registration.”  Enter your player information as usual.

Step Two

Once prompted for team information, highlight “Yes, I am a team captain.”

Step Three

Complete team roster.  If you have already completed your player registration, you can click on “Team Roster Registration.”

Directions for all Players

Step One

Click on “Player Registration” below and follow the prompts.
Players on a team must complete this registration, however, no payment is needed and your registration is now complete.  

Step Two

Individual players who require a team or need to be placed on a team, follow the payment prompts to complete your registration.

If you have any questions or having registration problems please contact

Team Standings & Schedule for Spring 2014

Team Standings (Spring 2014)

Volleyball Schedule (Spring 2014)

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